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Program offers assistance to parents behind in child support

The vast majority of parents will do anything to ensure that their children have all that they need to be successful in life. However, there are times when a non-custodial parent struggles to keep up with their obligations, such as child support. While many states, including California, try to work with these parents to avoid harsh penalties, some parents will still find themselves serving time for their arrears.

Many factors go into child support and custody decisions

Deciding to divorce your spouse is only one part of the equation. If there are children involved, then the matter of child support and custody can quickly become confusing and overwhelming. California families do have options to turn to when you are concerned that you and your former spouse are unable to arrive at the best decisions.

Child support and custody issues can be volatile

When a relationship ends, couples may be able to arrive at a peaceable resolution in many aspects except one. Issues surrounding child support and custody will often lead to rising tensions which can sometimes escalate to volatile levels. There are likely countless California families who have had to wade through this difficult situation.

Fathers are much more than a child support check

Historically, when a two-parent family became a one-parent household, the courts often had a set approach when determining the roles of the parents. Traditionally, custody was awarded to the mother, though that's not necessarily the case any longer. Courts in California and elsewhere now recognize that a father's role is much more than providing a child support

According to court, child support is not only test of parenthood

A recent case came before a court that was seen as a test of what makes one a parent. Regardless of whether one is under orders to pay child support, the changes in the definition of family over the past decade has lead to some confusion over the roles of individuals in the lives of children. Since the United States Supreme Court has affirmed the rights of same-sex couples to marry, there may be families here in California who also have questions concerning the definition of parenthood.

New approach to collecting child support being tested

For those who have the means, paying court-ordered support is usually not a problem. However, for those parents who are struggling to make their child support payments, the heavy-handed approach often is not the most effective. California parents can seek assistance whenever there is a problem, ensuring that custodial parents are able to meet the needs of their children.

Employer faces court for allegedly not submitting child support

There may be many parents in California who trust that their employers are regularly submitting paycheck withholdings to the the proper agencies. For parents who have child support taken directly from their pay, they may not ever question whether these important payments are going to their children. However, as one recent case demonstrates -- though rare -- not every employer follows through on these orders.

One state seeks to change how child support is ordered

Being a parent means taking on the responsibility for another person at least until that child reaches the age of majority. While the job of being a parent is never really over, child support does not last forever, though it may seem that way at times. As families in California know, it is not always easy to stay current on support payments.

Fathers upset over child support orders for children not theirs

For the most part, when a man becomes a father, it is through biological means or legal adoption. In these cases, when a divorce or other relationship breakdown occurs, the non-custodial parent is ordered by the family courts to pay child support. In California, it is rare that there is a mistake in these orders, however, there are situations where the courts issue these orders without proof that a man who is ordered to pay these monies is the legal father.

3 things mothers need to know about child custody and support

Child custody cases are often contentious. In some cases, you might discover that you must fight for your rights in child custody and support matters until your child turns 18. As taxing as this might be, it is better for you to go into the situation prepared for what to expect than it is to go in without any information. Consider these three things about modifications if the issue comes up in your case.

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