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Proposed tax changes may make a contested divorce more costly

Though the old saying that two can live as cheaply as one was once a popular quote when a couple spoke of getting married, the reality is that living well requires both financial and emotional stability. If the relationship starts to deteriorate, then the emotional costs may become unsustainable. Now, if congress acts on the proposed tax law changes, then some California spouses could end up paying a higher monetary price in the event they are involved in a contested divorce.

A contested divorce can be eased if some mistakes can be avoided

Couples who are going through the beginning phases of a marital dissolution are dealing with many decisions. If theirs is a contested divorce, then the problems are likely compounded by conflicting emotions and increased tension. California spouses who are unsure of how to proceed may fear that they could make mistakes that will have an adverse effect on the final decree.

California contested divorce may require experienced assistance

Just as a marriage takes much time and effort, the end of one may take just as much energy in some circumstances. While California is a community property state, a spouse who is anticipating or going through a contested divorce may benefit from as much information as possible. There are steps that a resident can take on his or her own to get the process started, but these cases are often difficult and tedious.

Grandparents may play important role during a contested divorce

When a couple marries, the decision also tends to unite the extended family. Conversely, when a separation becomes inevitable, grandparents are also affected. As many California families have likely discovered, these fractured relationships can be a source of conflict, especially in a contested divorce

Custody and child support for non-married parents

In the past, the vast majority of child custody cases were the result of parents seeking a divorce. However, disputes over custody and child support frequently involve unmarried parents who are seeking equitable parenting time with their children. There are likely many California families who are attempting to find a workable plan of their own.

67-year marriage ending in hotly contested divorce

According to many media sources, the number of baby boomers who are seeking a dissolution of their marriages has increased significantly. While California is a community property state, couples in other states may find it more difficult when they are in the middle of contested divorce proceedings. One couple that has been married for approximately 67 years is caught up in a heated and complex divorce filing of their own.

Don't let deception cost you in a contested divorce

The end of a relationship is never an easy ordeal, either emotionally or financially. You may be so caught up in trying to deal with the day-to-day emotions that it may be difficult to consider the financial ramifications that can impact a contested divorce. While California is a community property state, that does not always deter one spouse from attempting to deceive the other in the process.

Bidens request that contested divorce be settled amicably

When public figures undergo marital transitions in their private lives, the public almost seems to expect that the parties will be openly hostile towards one another. While that may be true in many cases, there are times when a previously contested divorce can be resolved more peaceably than anticipated. California couples are entitled to seek the best advice when they are in the midst of their own contentious dissolution.

No clear picture of contested divorce rate for the country

It has become almost an unquestioned part of the national dialogue to state that half of marriages will not last. However, there is no true picture of where the divorce rate is in the country at this particular time. One recent study purportedly claims that the rate is above 52 percent. There might be California residents who may be in the beginning of what may be a contested divorce and may need the input of an experienced family law attorney in order to resolve conflicts.

Man wants state to require parenting class in contested divorce

An estimated half of all marriages end in divorce. Given that figure, it may be impossible to state how many children are affected. Many states are now requiring parents in a contested divorce to take some form of parenting class. There are likely many California parents who were ordered by the courts to enroll in one of these classes.

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