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Never underestimate the value of preparation in property division

There are countless details that need addressing during a divorce. One detail that requires careful consideration is preparing a diligent review of one's financial records before a court makes a ruling on property division and related matters. Though California is a community property state, it is beneficial to take stock of all assets and liabilities at this time.

It is vital to you to settle complex property division equitably

California is a community property state. However, there are certain circumstances that may make it more challenging to reach a truly equitable settlement solution during your divorce. A complex property division may include multiple sources of income and a variety of assets that require careful management.

Wife wants selling of assets to settle complex property division

Most of the time, a divorce can be an unsettling experience for the partners involved. However, there are rare situations that are so complicated that even property division can be more difficult to settle. While California is a community property state, not every state has laws that dictate this aspect as clearly.

California and its community property division laws

When a couple first falls in love and decides to marry, they may have the intention that they will share everything. However, once the relationship has lost its luster, the formerly happy couple may now find themselves fighting over how to go about the property division aspect of their dissolution. California is one of the states that has set laws over how property is handled in the event of a divorce.

Property division: Changing viewpoints concerning pet "custody"

Deciding to divorce may be just the beginning of a long, emotional process. Besides determining the best child custody arrangement when minor children are involved, property division issues must also be addressed. Each state has its own laws regarding how a couple's assets and belongings will be divided, and California is no exception. However one state has just made a significant change in it's divorce guidelines.

The King or the Queen: Who gets the season tickets in a divorce?

NBA season is ready to tip off, which means Sacramento's only major professional sports team is back in action. With a new head coach and new downtown arena, there are plenty of reasons to be excited about the Kings in Sac City. Basketball games have been a great source of bonding and entertainment for you and your family, but now the potential for divorce threatens to dampen the thrill of the season.

Top 3 tips for dealing with divorce after 50

Going through a divorce at any age can be a major disruption to your life -- doing it after 50 can feel like the end of the world. You've built up assets and a common history, all of which are likely to be irreparably fractured. Here are three tips to help you to cope with a "Gray Divorce."

Settlement reached in Depp divorce

Amid allegations of domestic violence and a very public break up comes reports that a settlement has finally been reached on the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce case. For an actor that grossed $100 million in 2010, the sum of $7 million may leave interested parties questioning why Amber Heard may have shortchanged herself.

Not my sentiments, exactly

There was a time when two people excited each other and thrilled over each message or phone call the other sent. Pictures, movie tickets, caricatures, tucked away in the closet, all traces of a love that once was something to be admired. And over time, as your relationship solidified in marriage and perhaps, children were brought into the world, those mementos moved from a shoe box to a cedar chest and of all the material items you cherished, this would hold the most value.

What are some issues with dividing debt in California?

When a couple decides to split and does so in a way that can be considered amicable enough to negotiate the division of property outside of the courts, they may come across some common pitfalls that unintentionally leave one person paying out or receiving more than the other, even when splitting assets and debt right down the middle.

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