Legal Guidance With Stepparent And Second-Parent Adoptions

Going through the adoption process ultimately brings joy to you and your loved ones as you welcome a new member into your family. For families where adoption unifies the family bond, such as with second-parent adoptions, the process can bring a sense of completion to the family unit.

At the Law Offices of Victoria S. Linder, PC, we help families become united by providing straightforward, honest legal services for adoption and family law in Northern California. We are compassionate and committed to making the process of resolving legal issues as seamless as possible. We know the stresses that a family law challenge can present to a family, and we are here as your guide and as your advocate during that time.

Experienced Stepparent/Second-Parent Adoption Attorneys On Your Side

Because California is one of the few states in the U.S. that recognizes same-sex marriage, we frequently work with same-sex couples in helping with the adoption process and other family law issues. We are here to explain how the law affects your situation and the benefits of adoption for your children.

Stepparent And Grandparent Adoption

As your life changes, the parental needs of your children may also. If you are seeking a stepparent adoption or are a grandparent seeking adoption of a grandchild, our lawyers will help you with this process. We can assist with the process of terminating parental rights and explain how the adoption process will work given your family dynamics and circumstances.

Adoption Lawyers Serving Sacramento County, Placer County And Beyond

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