Understanding Annulment And When It's Possible In California

The process of getting a marriage annulled in California is complicated, so it is necessary you work with an experienced lawyer who can give you straightforward advice about the process and what you are entitled to.

Attorney Victoria Linder of the Law Offices of Victoria S. Linder, PC, has extensive experience advocating for men and women in divorce, military divorce, annulments, same-sex divorce and related family law issues. She and our team have the skills necessary to undertake even the most complex of cases.

Led By A Certified Specialist

Attorney Linder is a family law specialist, and certified by the State Bar of California's Board of Legal Specialization. This level of distinction is a prestigious one, and one that not many lawyers in the state have received. She is highly knowledgeable of divorce and annulment laws in California and will use her knowledge to help you overcome your specific legal issue.

Annulment Process

To declare a marriage invalid and to successfully get an annulment where your rights are fully protected is not something that is entirely straightforward. The putative spouse laws and standards used to determine division of property and support are complicated, and if your lawyer does not understand these then your ex-spouse could end up ahead.

As an experienced marriage annulment lawyer, Victoria Linder knows the importance of explaining the legal differences between divorce and annulment, and how California laws will affect her clients' situation. She has been successful in handling a variety of divorce cases and annulments, and is prepared to be your advocate.

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