Addressing The Unique Aspects Of Military Divorce

Military families going through divorce face additional challenges, especially if one parent is deployed. You need someone who understands the unique military family laws and how they apply to your case. At the Law Offices of Victoria S. Linder, PC, you will get the level of advocacy you deserve.

We serve clients in Sacramento, Roseville and the surrounding California areas in family law matters, including military divorce and related issues. Attorney Victoria Linder is a certified family law specialist — a special distinction of specialization that not many lawyers in the state have received.

Military Divorce And Family Law Issues

The divorce process for service members is unique from the civilian divorce process. There are special considerations, different laws and issues that military members face. Our Sacramento military divorce lawyers have a successful track record representing military members and spouses. We have the skills to work around challenges, such as being deployed, effectively with minimal disruption to your family. Our lawyers also handle issues involving:

  • Military child support
  • Military retirement
  • Military custody
  • Military spousal support

There are specific support issues in military divorce that we understand and will explain to you. We will help navigate through the complexities of establishing custody, creating parenting plans and more.

Military Divorce Lawyers Serving Sacramento County And Placer County

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