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May 2013 Archives

Texas judge orders lesbian partner to move out

A judge recently ruled that a couple could not cohabitate together due to a violation of the morality clause in a woman's divorce decree. The case involved a same-sex couple in a state where gay marriage is not recognized. Same-sex couples in California may face similar difficulties, depending on the resolution of the Proposition 8 litigation that is currently in front of the Supreme Court.

Women are Breadwinners and Paying Alimony

Traditionally, paying alimony was something done only by men. This was because women were once expected to stay at home to help out with family matters, to tend to motherly duties and to make sure the home was in top shape by the time their husbands came home from work. All of this meant that if a couple divorced, the husband was expected to pay spousal support to the wife.

Denise Richards temporary guardian for Charlie Sheen's twins

There are some instances in which a child is cared for by someone other than a biological parent. Jobs that take parents overseas such as the military, incarceration for a crime, drug addiction or recovery, a serious car accident, mental disorders that develop later in life and many more can all lead to the need for either a temporary or permanent guardian.

US Census Bureau report: 62 percent of new moms unwed

The United States Census Bureau collects, organizes and sorts data from across the country, including California residents. A recent report from the federal agency showed that of all new moms in their early 20s, approximately 62 percent of them were not married in 2011. Of moms of all ages, approximately 36 percent were unwed mothers. 

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