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Denise Richards temporary guardian for Charlie Sheen's twins

There are some instances in which a child is cared for by someone other than a biological parent. Jobs that take parents overseas such as the military, incarceration for a crime, drug addiction or recovery, a serious car accident, mental disorders that develop later in life and many more can all lead to the need for either a temporary or permanent guardian.

In the case of Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller and their twins, it was drug addiction and recovery that created a need for a temporary guardian. Sheen has been known to struggle with addiction over his career and when the mother of his twins sought recovery at the Betty Ford Center, it was Denise Richards who voluntarily stepped in.

Denise Richards had been married to Charlie Sheen for several years before they divorced. Although their relationship ended, she remained "one person in his life that he truly trusts" and even regrets losing her said a source close to the celebrities. 

In a California family court Sheen petitioned for Richards to receive temporary guardianship while Mueller asked that her brother be afforded custody. In the end, the court granted Richards temporary guardianship this week -- something that Mueller reportedly will contest. 

The issue of child support was also raised during the hearing. Richards denied Sheen's offer to pay support saying that she had enough funds to help them out during a difficult time. "She isn't doing it for the money," said that source. 

When issues of temporary child custody arise, parents and possible guardians should seek the assistance of a family law attorney to discuss their options and rights, including whether support should be sought. 

Source: CP Entertainment, "Denies Richards Refuses Extra Child Support From Charlie Sheen," Sami K. Martin, May 13, 2013

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