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US Census Bureau report: 62 percent of new moms unwed

The United States Census Bureau collects, organizes and sorts data from across the country, including California residents. A recent report from the federal agency showed that of all new moms in their early 20s, approximately 62 percent of them were not married in 2011. Of moms of all ages, approximately 36 percent were unwed mothers. 

There are a number of reasons for the growing number of unmarried parents. In fact, the statistics are often cited in political debate from all sides with each different party citing a different theory. What these "single mom stats" don't show is how many of those moms still do include a dad in the picture, many of which are still planning for their futures in a relationship with the mom. 

Another study showed that used data from the American Community Survey showed that of the 1.4 million single moms that had their baby in the past year, 30 percent responded that they were a "partner in an unmarried partner household." 

A lot of couples are choosing to wait to get married. Although they are waiting on the official "I Dos," they are still combining their lives much as a married couple would. The partners are buying homes together, opening up joint checking accounts, purchasing cars together, starting businesses, working for their partner's business, having children and raising them together. 

The only difference between these couples and a married couple is that they are not granted the same rights as a spouse when the two choose to end the relationship. To protect their interests, unmarried couples should seek the advice of a family law attorney -- even at the start of the relationshp when major decisions are being made. 

Source: CS Monitor, "Surge in unwed mothers: Deep in the stats, it's not what you think," Stephanie Hanes, May 3, 2013

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