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Finding extra cash in divorce cases

Californians going through a divorce have to follow proceedings as presented by the community property laws; these are laws that usually require spouses who have owned a business together to equally split ownership of the business. That being said, an accountant from Los Angeles has made a living out of finding hidden money in divorce cases. The forensic accountant works his magic through tax returns and is typically hired when a spouse suspects their partner of hiding income earned from a business.

The Los-Angeles accountant reports that he's worked several cases in which one spouse has lied about their salary. According to him, the deception can happen when a fraudulent salary amount is presented and the rest is reported as business expenses. While all cases vary, after his 25 year career, the accountant wrote a book titled "How They Stash the Cash."

The IRS's "innocent spouse" rule is designed to protect spouses from tax evasion charges in the case of discrepancies that they were unaware of. According to the Los Angeles accountant, even if the married couple did not own or were involved in business transactions, an unusually low income on tax returns isn't hard to spot. The forensic accountant says that his goal is to help spouses realize that they do, in fact, have a fighting chance at a fair deal.

Divorce proceedings can often be complicated and confusing. For this reason, individuals going through a divorce may want to consider getting in touch with a divorce lawyer. An experienced divorce lawyer may often assist individuals in walking away with valuable rights they may have otherwise lost. Furthermore, as is the case with the forensic accountant, a divorce lawyer may be able to assist individuals in finding hidden assets.

Source: Bloomberg, "Hunting for Hidden Cash In Divorce Proceedings", Ben Steverman, June 03, 2013

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