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Overseas adoptions may present some concerns

Members of the Evangelical Church in California may be interested in adoption, but there may also be some potential pitfalls regarding the process. The government has growing concerns that the adoptive agencies in other countries may be using unscrupulous methods to place some children. This includes falsifying reports of children who have existing family members in order to profit. These adoption agencies may be attempting to turn children into income while telling their parents that they will be able to have a better life in the United States.

Earlier this year, there was an alert regarding Congo adoptions that stated that some children in orphanages had been taken back by their parents despite having already approved adoptions lined up. This alert implies that the children in the orphanages not only had parents already but had parents who wished to keep them. Investigations of the adoptions in the Congo by the American government may slow down the paperwork for adoptions from the Congo that have already been approved.

Evangelical Christians are a significant demographic among international adoptions. However, international adoptions as a whole have been on the decline due to concerns about fraud. One Evangelical Christian tells of adopting three young siblings who were said to be orphans only to find that they had families and that their aunt was actually the director of the orphanage. The woman ended up losing the $28,000 she had already paid the agency for the placement of the children.

Families that are interested in adopting children internationally may need to be extremely cautious. A family law attorney may be used throughout an adoptive process to make sure that the orphanages in question are legitimate and that there are no red flags that might signify any element of fraud.

Source: New York Times, "Eager to Adopt, Evangelicals Find Perils Abroad", ERIK ECKHOLM, May 31, 2013

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