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August 2013 Archives

The impact of social media on divorce cases

Many professionals urge California residents who are going through a divorce to be circumspect when they are on social media sites. Sites like Facebook enable people to share details about their life, along with photos and other media, with friends and family on the Internet. When someone is going through a divorce, posts from these sites can harm their divorce case if they are not careful.

High cost of DIY divorce

While some divorcing spouses in California may lament the idea of having to pay a large hourly fee or flat fee in order to get a simple divorce, they may actually pay more in the long run if they try to do it themselves. Getting a divorce without an attorney may also make the process more complex and difficult.

Judge rules in Usher's favor concerning child custody

California residents might be interested to hear that a judge ruled in Usher's favor concerning temporary custody of his two sons. The sons' mother had reportedly filed for emergency custody after one of the sons was involved in a swimming pool accident while in Usher's care. The boy's aunt was reportedly watching him when the accident occurred.

Financially readjusting for life after divorce

California residents who are considering getting a divorce might be thinking that finalizing their divorces severs all their ties to one another. However, that is not the case for all couples, especially where finances are concerned. Some spouses are ordered to pay permanent alimony to the other spouse.

Things not to do during a divorce

California residents who divorce often struggle to make choices based on their best interests and future, rather than emotions. When someone ends their marriage, there are usually feelings of acrimony and the desire to get even with their spouse. As tempting as giving into these emotions may be, it's in their best interest to make choices rationally. This can reduce the fallout associated with divorce and improve their long-term situation.

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