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High cost of DIY divorce

While some divorcing spouses in California may lament the idea of having to pay a large hourly fee or flat fee in order to get a simple divorce, they may actually pay more in the long run if they try to do it themselves. Getting a divorce without an attorney may also make the process more complex and difficult.

One reason that the divorce may be more complicated for the individual without legal representation is because they may be at a disadvantage if the other spouse is represented. A lawyer who knows how to properly object may have ample amounts of information excluded from consideration. Meanwhile, the unrepresented spouse may not have these same skills and knowledge and could wind up having negative information about them added to the record that an experienced attorney could have had excluded. A divorce judge is not able to dispense legal advice to pro se parties, so a person runs high risks when taking this route. Another disadvantage is that individuals may agree to unfavorable terms. They may only later discover that these terms were unfavorable and by that time be barred from doing anything about it.

In addition to representing themselves in court pro se, some individuals are turning to Internet sites to prepare divorce papers without legal consultation. Other Internet sites advertise people who will prepare the work for a fee that is lower than a typical lawyer's fee. However, taking this route may lead to other legal complications because professional rules of conduct prohibit non-lawyers from dispensing legal advice.

Sacramento family law attorneys assist individuals who are struggling with family law issues, such as divorce, child support or child custody. They may be able to explain a person's rights to them and work out favorable terms.

Source: Huffington Post, "DIY Divorce: Why You Should Think Twice Before Divorcing Without A Lawyer", August 14, 2013

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