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Things not to do during a divorce

California residents who divorce often struggle to make choices based on their best interests and future, rather than emotions. When someone ends their marriage, there are usually feelings of acrimony and the desire to get even with their spouse. As tempting as giving into these emotions may be, it's in their best interest to make choices rationally. This can reduce the fallout associated with divorce and improve their long-term situation.

There are a number of people who just want to get their divorce over with or don't want to deal with negotiations. While trying to avoid fights is admirable, individuals should not agree to everything that their spouse requests just to speed things up. People who do this may end up agreeing to things that they won't be able to do or that will cause financial difficulties for them. Examples of this are when someone agrees to give up needed alimony or agrees to pay an amount of alimony that they can't afford.

It's also very common for those going through a divorce to want to get back at their spouse and to chose the courtroom as their venue for doing so. The problem is that being unnecessarily argumentative or intractable during a divorce will only make it take that much longer, which makes both people suffer. Individuals are much better off moving on with their lives instead of focusing on getting revenge.

Making good choices when going through a divorce can be difficult, especially if someone doesn't understand their rights. A lawyer could explain the divorce process and let someone know what to expect, as well as aiding with negotiations on their behalf.

Source: Huffington Post, "The 5 Worst Mistakes People Make During Divorce", Michelle Rozen, July 24, 2013

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