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September 2013 Archives

The importance of an attorney when getting a divorce

Some California residents may consider foregoing an attorney and handling their divorce on their own. However, this is not always a good idea because divorce can have an enormous impact on someone's future and finances, and there are many ways that not having legal representation can cause problems.

Same-sex couples to receive federal benefit rights

The Supreme Court ruling over Proposition 8 placed California in the center of the battle over the right to marry for same-sex partners, and a Sept. 18 statement by the Department of Labor combined with a recent ruling by the Internal Revenue Service have both expanded the rights of gay couples. Same-sex couples will now be entitled to the federal rights previously only available to traditional married couples when it comes to employee benefits, health plans and pensions. They will also be able to be able to file joint federal tax returns.

Judge denies request to toss out divorce deal

California couples might be interested to learn that a judge denied the former CEO of the Dodgers' request that her former divorce deal be thrown out. In her request, she had argued that the amount of money that she received in the divorce deal in October 2011 was invalid because she was misled about how much the team was really worth. She alleged that her ex-husband, the former owner of the Dodgers, cheated her out of $770 million in their divorce deal because he misrepresented some of the team's assets.

California inmates permitted benefits of same sex marriage law

California prison officials opened the doors to allow inmates to marry people of the same sex under a certain set of circumstances. The decision comes on the heels of the United States Supreme Court decision that made same-sex marriages legal again in California. The director of prisons in California issued a memo stating that this court decision applies to people in the penal system.

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