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October 2013 Archives

Ordinary couples may benefit from prenuptial agreements

Most California couples don't have high-profile celebrity marriages like the Jenners, but that doesn't mean they can't benefit from a prenuptial agreement. Bruce Jenner and Kris Kardashian Jenner recently announced their separation. The couple reportedly does not have a prenup, which could present big problems when splitting their $125 million in assets should they decide to divorce later.

Same-sex couples allowed fertility coverage in California

California Gov. Jerry Brown has recently signed a bill into law ensuring that same-sex and unmarried couples will receive the same access to insurance coverage for fertility. The bill interprets a state law already in existence requiring health plans to cover fertility treatments with the exception of in vitro fertilization. Although the existing law contained non-discriminatory language, same-sex partners were often denied coverage. State legislators have praised the bill and said that reproductive medicine should be of benefit to everyone.

Divorce for same-sex couples can be legally difficult

Same-sex couples in Sacramento have had the legal right to get married since June of this year, thanks to a court decision. Thirteen other states besides California legally recognize same-sex marriage. However, what happens when people in a same-sex marriage want a divorce? It can mean a dead end in many states that do not recognize same-sex marriages as legal.

Grey divorce and homeownership

When a married couple undergoes a divorce in California, the assets acquired during marriage will be split evenly between the parties. When it comes to ownership of a home, an equitable division could mean that a home is sold and the proceeds divided. Alternatively, the two parties may determine that one person may keep the home in exchange for another concession.

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