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December 2013 Archives

Men more likely than ever to receive alimony

Divorce attorneys in California and other parts of the country are witnessing a rise in the number of men seeking and obtaining alimony. While specific numbers are hard to come by, a recent survey of matrimonial lawyers found a noticeable increase in the number of women now paying spousal support. With more women earning high salaries while their husbands stay home, the change is understandable, according to divorce attorneys.

How the Internet has changed adoption

California residents may be interested in a recent study that examined how the Internet has changed the adoption process. In addition to facilitating more adoptions, the study found that the Internet has made it easier for adopted individuals to locate their birth families. Although the study found that the Internet has had a mostly positive impact on adoption, it also raised concerns about the possibility for cases of online fraud and exploitation.

Same-sex marriages and divorce

Gay couples married in states that recognize this status but reside elsewhere may find divorcing problematic. California residents won't encounter this problem, but people who marry in California may find divorcing in a state that does not recognize same-sex marriage difficult. Since their home state may not recognize same-sex marriage, divorce is not legally possible because there is no valid marriage.

Cambodia working to resume international adoptions in 2014

California residents who are interested in becoming parents through international adoption may be interested to learn that, after four years of prohibiting international adoption, Cambodia plans to resume the process in 2014. The announcement came after years of working with UNICEF and The Hague Conference to ensure that international adoptions occurred legally and that there were mechanism put into place to ensure that parents were not duped into giving up their children.

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