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Assistance available for parents struggling to pay child support

Statistics show that children who have one absent parent are more likely to fall victim to substance abuse, teen pregnancy and many other delinquencies. Many non-custodial parents in California want to be part of their children's lives and provide for them by paying child support. However, some parents have to face many stumbling blocks, such as loss of employment or illness. Fortunately, there are several support groups to assist struggling parents who are unable to pay their obligated child support.

When a parent fails to pay child support, it is not only the child who is affected, but also the other parent who has the extra financial burden. Furthermore, these failures leave society with the burden to bear the costs of public benefits related to food and housing of such families. Although statistics show that 60 percent of non-custodial parents manage to keep their child support payments up to date, the remaining 40 percent may need a little help to get back on their feet. The aim of support groups for struggling parents is to equip these parents with skills and opportunities to regain their self-respect and enable them to become responsible parents again.

The available support programs provide not only the development of skills that may assist them in finding employment, but they also equip parents who have fallen on hard times with relationship skills as a foundation for rebuilding a bond with their children. They are assisted in finding employment, and in many cases, parents realize that child support is not only a financial burden but a duty of which to be proud. By making the most of the available support, parents may find themselves able to provide their children with a better life than what they had.

However, California parents may find comfort in knowing that child support obligations that have become impossible to maintain due to valid reasons may apply for modifications to the court order. Those who lack knowledge of the required procedures are free to utilize the help that is readily available. With appropriate guidance, a claim can be filed in a family court, and successfully presented claims may result in the obligated amount to be modified to a reasonable and affordable level.

Source:, "Helping fathers to do the right thing", Jim Sullivan, June 13, 2014

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