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July 2014 Archives

Kenneth Griffin unilaterally files for divorce while wife is away

Many people are fascinated by the marriages and divorces of high-profile couples. California residents may be interested to learn about the recent divorce filing of a prominent couple that reportedly caught the wife unawares. While the founder of Aragon Global Management, Anne Dias Griffin, was on the way to a vacation spot, she learned about the divorce filing that was made by her husband, Kenneth Griffin. He is the founder of Citadel Investment Group, and reported to be worth approximately $5.5 billion.

Summer months may require increased child support payments

California couples who are considering divorce are often emotional and under stress about the turn of events. This is even more so when there are children involved. Most parents want what is best for their children, and many couples are able to discuss matters such as child support in an amicable way. Regardless of which parent will have custody of the children, there are expenses to consider that are often forgotten.

Unresolved child custody issues may lead to abduction

When a California child is removed from the custodial parent's care by a non-custodial parent, there can be serious ramifications. However, returning the child to the parent with legal child custody may present many obstacles. While the non-custodial parent believes that it is his or her constitutional right to have the child, the custodial parent may be experiencing extreme anxiety over the well-being of the abducted child.

A prenuptial agreement may minimize social network threats

California couples may be aware of statistics showing that approximately half of the marriages in the United States end in divorce. A recent survey showed that activity on various social networks increase the odds of marriages failing. This modern threat to marital bliss may be best addressed by drawing up a prenuptial agreement. Couples who failed to sign such an agreement prior to getting married may protect their marriages by signing a postnuptial agreement to set some ground rules regarding the social network activities of each spouse. Couples may want to agree on full disclosure related to their online activities and create some rules about forming friendships with previous partners.

Laws on same-sex marriage in California no longer discriminate

While same-sex couples in many states are continuing their quest to achieve full legal equality, California's governor recently took the necessary steps to reach that milestone in California. Just over a year ago, the California Supreme Court announced its decision to recognize same-sex marriage. This followed a U.S. Supreme Court declaration that part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) was unconstitutional. The decision provided for married same-sex couples to be granted the same federal benefits as heterosexual couples, including pension rights and tax breaks.

Fostering and adoption encouraged under same-sex family law

One year ago, it was announced that same-sex marriages would be recognized in California. While the fight of the LGBT community continues to get their marriages recognized in all states, these unions are mostly not frowned upon any longer. Similar to heterosexual couples, partners in a same-sex marriage often desire to have children and consider the various options available under same-sex family law.

Spouses may challenge the fairness of a prenuptial agreement

Much is said about the importance of choosing the right time for couples to discuss a prenuptial agreement. Most often it is advised that a couple sit down and discuss their finances soon after their engagement. A prenuptial agreement used to be a dreaded discussion, but as many modern young California adults come into marriages with already accumulated assets, it is only natural for both parties to want to protect those assets. Although most couples give no thought to divorce when they get engaged, the reported high divorce rate is a reality that should be taken into consideration.

Property division includes the division of marital debts

California is one of the nine states under community property laws and considers anything that a couple acquires during the time of their marriage as the property of both spouses. When a couple gets divorced, their assets will be split in two equal parts, and each party can be on their way to a new life. However, this process of property division does not only include assets, but also debts that were accumulated during the marriage.

A prenuptial agreement needs consideration of several factors

Modern California couples that plan to share their futures often include two people who each have a career and come into the relationships with their own assets. Before the marriage, there are financial issues to address, and an important matter that should be agreed upon in advance is whether their income and assets will be merged or kept separate. Every couple is unique, and combining assets may not be suitable for all. To avoid future disputes while still protecting the interests of both parties, couples may want to discuss the option of a prenuptial agreement.

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