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Rupert Sanders' infidelity leads to one-sided property division

Property division during a divorce can prove to be a contentious issue, especially when communications have broken down. Many California couples manage to resolve their issues and come to agreements before going to court, but in cases where infidelity caused the break-up, animosity often leads to litigation about property division. In the recent divorce settlement of a high-profile Hollywood couple, it appears that the infidelity of one spouse cost him dearly.

When Rupert Sanders shared a kiss with Kirsten Stewart during the filming of Snow White and the Huntsman, he likely did not consider the consequences. His subsequent divorce from Liberty Ross was recently finalized, and the media seems to be under the impression that the divorce settlement might be an indication of Rupert’s remorse. After their marriage of 11 years, rumor has it that the fateful kiss was not the only crack in the marriage.

It was reported that the 43-year-old Rupert Sanders will keep a vintage Volkswagen van and a 2002 SUV, along with their home in Malibu. In comparison, his 35-year-old ex-wife gets to keep the other three homes, including one in Hollywood Hills and two in London. Unless she remarries, she will receive $25,000 in monthly spousal support for the next four years, along with $14,000 per month to support their two children. Rupert and Liberty will be sharing child custody. Liberty will also get 8 percent of Rupert’s gross annual income and half of both Rupert’s bank account and reward points on his credit cards, along with 50 percent of his ongoing income from the movie that led to the fateful kiss.

However, every divorce case is unique, and while some couples may be able to part ways in an amicable manner, others may not be able to resolve their issues without litigation. Whichever route California couples choose to go, it may be beneficial to obtain professional assistance to protect the rights of each spouse during property division. They may also want to consider mediation, as the input of an objective third-party has been known to defuse many contentious situations.

Source:, "Rupert Sanders' Ex-Wife Finally Gets Even for His Fling With Kristen Stewart", Jenny Erikson, July 27, 2014

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