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Are you prepared for property division? Address these issues

It is not uncommon for one spouse to manage a couple's finances during the course of a marriage. Unfortunately, this leaves the other spouse at a disadvantage during the property division of a subsequent divorce proceeding. If you have little knowledge about complicated financial matters, you may find comfort knowing that you don't have to go through this alone. The knowledge and experience of a California divorce lawyer, along with his or her financial team, can protect your interests. After assessing your financial situation, advice and suggestions will be provided.

What should we consider when drafting a parenting plan?

California couples may find that going through a divorce is emotionally agonizing, especially with matters related to the children. Whether your divorce is amicable or particularly contentious, child custody issues and drawing up a parenting plan may need the assistance of a mediator. The objective input of a third party, along with his or her experience, may be invaluable.

Considering divorce? How to protect yourself during the process

Divorces are known to take a considerable amount of time before finalization. When couples in California are considering divorce, it is not uncommon for one party to experience anxiety over financial matters during the period before the divorce is finalized. Anxious spouses may find comfort in knowing that there are ways to ensure financial stability during this time.

What are the requirements for same-sex divorce in California?

With the significant variations in the laws related to same-sex marriage and divorce in different states, couples that are considering a same-sex divorce may be unsure of their rights, along with the legal requirements of such action. California residents have to meet certain residency requirements to be able to file for divorce. The requirements are the same for traditional and same-sex divorce applications.

How would you support a college student after child support ends?

Couples in California that are considering divorce may agree that matters related to child support often prove to be traumatic. This is especially true when a couple has young children who have to be cared for. Many couples consider only the immediate requirements for child support, failing to take into account the time after the child's graduation, but before he or she becomes self-sufficient.

Verbal child support agreements may not be honored

It is not uncommon for the circumstances of California parents who have to pay or receive child support to change significantly. Some people lose their jobs or have to settle for reductions in salary while the needs of children may increase as they grow older. Although most parents know that they are entitled to request modifications to a child support order, some feel intimidated by the process and settle for a verbal agreement.

What to consider before I ask for child support modification?

Both custodial and noncustodial parents in California may request modification of the amount of child support they pay or receive. Such a step is commonly taken because the parent who is obligated to pay child support has had significant adjustments to his or her circumstances. Custodial parents often seek modification because they learned that their former spouse received a significant increase in salary. However, such a step needs careful consideration, as the modification you may want is not granted automatically.

Your prenuptial agreement may not hold up in court

While many California couples may recognize the importance of a prenuptial agreement, some may not realize the importance of ensuring that such an important document complies with all the legal requirements of the state. The first requirement may seem obvious; however, it is crucial not to make verbal agreements, as only a written prenuptial agreement will be valid. Furthermore, the signatures of both parties should be present on the document that should carry a date prior to the marriage.

Child custody and visitation rights in Sacramento

Couples in Sacramento who are considering divorce may be unsure about the state and county laws related to child custody and visitation. Certain conditions must be met to file child custody and visitation rights claims in Sacramento. It is required for the children to have six months prior residence in California and to be current residents of Sacramento County.

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