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Child custody and visitation rights in Sacramento

Couples in Sacramento who are considering divorce may be unsure about the state and county laws related to child custody and visitation. Certain conditions must be met to file child custody and visitation rights claims in Sacramento. It is required for the children to have six months prior residence in California and to be current residents of Sacramento County.

The family court will award legal custody and physical custody. A child's legal custodian will have the right to make decisions related to his or her welfare, including health, education and safety. If sole custody is awarded, only one parent will be responsible for making such decisions. However, if the court awards joint legal custody, both parents can work as a team to make decisions, although each parent may make individual decisions.

Visitation orders work in a similar way, and either sole physical custody or joint physical custody will be awarded. A parent who takes care of the children for most of the time will be named the primary custodial parent, and the other parent will be entitled to visit with the children. A visitation plan will be drafted, specifying visitation times and duration of visits. Under certain circumstances, supervised visitation may be ordered, in which case the primary custodial parent, or another specified party, has to be present. If it is determined that visitation may harm a child emotionally or physically, the court may forbid any visitation.

Parents who are going through an amicable divorce may be able to agree on matters related to child custody and visitation. If, however, communication has broken down, they may benefit from obtaining the services of a professional mediator. The objective input of a third party may provide a couple with the means to communicate and compromise, in order to reach agreements that would suit both parents and be in the best interest of the children. As a source of more legal information, Sacramento parents may visit our [url=`/Child-Custody/']visitation rights website[/url].

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