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How would you support a college student after child support ends?

Couples in California that are considering divorce may agree that matters related to child support often prove to be traumatic. This is especially true when a couple has young children who have to be cared for. Many couples consider only the immediate requirements for child support, failing to take into account the time after the child's graduation, but before he or she becomes self-sufficient.

Because of a demanding job-market, more young high school graduates proceed to college to improve their employment prospects. This often leads to college students remaining in the family home until they can secure employment. While child support commonly ends when a child graduates from school, it is important to keep in mind that the custodial parent may need continued support to meet the financial needs of a student living at home.

Divorcing couples may benefit from legal assistance to draft a negotiated plan to address such matters. The circumstances of every divorce are different, and much may depend on the financial situation of each parent. A support plan could include the non-custodial parent agreeing to continue paying child support post high school graduation, or couples may agree to pay funds into a savings account dedicated to college funds. Another option would be for the non-custodial parent to commit to increased alimony after obligations for child support end.

Considering all eventualities may prove to be difficult at a time when emotions run high due to an imminent divorce. California couples may want to realize the importance of having such agreements recorded in a legal document, as verbal agreements may lead to future litigation. When communication between parents has broken down, a mediator may assist to ensure that all potential issues are addressed and recorded in a way that will hold up in court. Knowing that child support issues have been addressed, and that the children will be cared for -- even as young adults -- may provide peace of mind to both parents.

Source:, "Ensure your kids be taken care of through young adulthood", Gail Saukas, Sept. 10, 2014

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