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Who can help us in drafting a workable parenting plan?

California couples that are going through a divorce may face many challenges when dealing with contentious issues. It is known to be an emotional experience, and it is not uncommon for child custody matters to present difficulty. Unfortunately, this area of the process does not only affect the parents but also the children. In order to maintain healthy and loving parent-child relationships after the divorce, a workable parenting plan that will suit all parties may be the solution.

Achieving this may not be as easy as it sounds, and it may be best to start discussions on subjects least likely to cause disagreement. Agreeing on schools and/or aftercare, health care providers and trustworthy people to whom both parents will feel comfortable transporting their children may be a good start. However, when couples fail to agree on the parenting time for each parent, it may be wise to seek assistance from an experienced mediator to resolve issues prior to going to court.

A child custody mediator will likely be an attorney who is neutral and experienced in assisting divorcing couples in drafting agreements that may suit both parents and children. After evaluating the unique circumstances of each divorce case, mediators will consider the wishes of the parents, along with the desires of children who are old enough to discuss their needs. A mediator can also anticipate the court's response to a parenting plan and will guide parents to avoid inclusions that may be denied, along with ensuring the legality of the final agreement document.

Child custody mediators can draw on their experience to ensure that the parenting plan covers potential disagreements that may arise in the future, along with how such disagreements will be handled. In contested divorce cases, the judge may order arguing parents to obtain the services of a child custody evaluator or a parenting coordinator. By being proactive in retaining a mediator, emotional trauma and unnecessary court fees may be avoided. A visit to our California child custody website may provide more information about the help that is available in drafting a parenting plan that will not only be workable but also protect the best interests of the children.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Tools for a Successful Parenting Arrangement in Divorce", Stann Givens, Oct. 14, 2014

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