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November 2014 Archives

How can a same-sex family law attorney help with a surrogacy?

Surrogacy provides same-sex couples that cannot conceive a child with an option other than adoption in order to have a child. In this process, a surrogate mother and the couple enter into a contract that will protect the rights of both parties. However, because the laws related to surrogacy are complicated and constantly changing, couples that consider this option may need the knowledge and resources of an experienced California same-sex family law attorney. 

Child custody battle between Bode Miller and ex-girlfriend ends

Unmarried parents in different states may find that child custody issues can lead to many complications. Legal battles in such circumstances often take months to be finalized. California readers may be interested to learn that the bitter child custody fight between Bode Miller, an Olympic skier, and his former girlfriend has finally been settled.

Protecting inheritance in divorce needs planning upon receipt

Divorcing spouses in California may be interested to learn that trying to protect an inheritance at the time the divorce is considered may be too late. How the inheritance was handled at the time it was received may play an important role in asset division in a community property state such as California. While it is difficult to consider a divorce on the eve of the marriage, anticipating future inheritances or valuable gifts and their protection in advance may avoid litigation in the future.

Legal counsel says Sue Ann Hamm got only 7% in property division

California residents may be interested in the outcome of the property division process of the high-asset divorce of Harold and Sue Ann Hamm. The couple got married in 1988, and Sue Ann filed for divorce from her husband, who is the CEO of Continental Resources Inc., in 2012. While a judge in another state recently ordered Mr. Hamm to pay his wife almost $1 billion to form part of the divorce settlement, his ex-wife's attorney stated that this amount is much less than the percentage of marital assets a wife would typically expect to receive in property division.

What are the consequences of failing to pay child support?

Parents in California, who fail to keep up with child support payments, may not realize how serious the consequences may be. The media regularly report on parents who were arrested and even jailed for failure to maintain child support payments. People who are able to pay child support, but willfully withhold payment, may be found in contempt of court. Contempt could be a serious charge that may even result in incarceration.

Legal representation may be vital for child custody modification

California child custody orders are typically regarded as final. However, it is not uncommon for circumstances to change and necessitate child custody modification. When existing child custody arrangements no longer serve the best interests of the child, it may be time for a family court to reconsider the original child custody order.

My ex has child custody but my child wants to live with me

When the California family court issues a child custody order, it may be difficult to have it modified within the first couple of years -- and even after that time, a modification claim will need proper motivation. This is to ensure stability in the life of the child. The process of child custody modification is a time-consuming legal process and often best handled by an experienced family law attorney.

Will I be able to get child custody after a same-sex divorce?

When same-sex couples in California decide to start a family, they have several options available. They may choose to adopt, use a surrogate mother or use artificial insemination. It is important to carefully consider these options, as they may impact child custody in the event of a same-sex divorce. The process of determining child support and child custody for same-sex couples may be complicated. In addition to the child's best interest, the family court will also have to consider biological parents, surrogate parents or adoptive parents.

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