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December 2014 Archives

How does one obtain a child support modification order?

It is not uncommon for the circumstances of one or both California parents to change over time. Child support orders may be modified, but modifications have to be approved and authorized by a family law court. Parents wanting to apply for such modifications will have to return to the court where the original child support court order was issued.

What will you do about a joint mortgage when considering divorce?

Coping with all the decisions that have to be made during a divorce is known to be stressful. A divorce commonly impacts every aspect of an individual's life and requires careful consideration. One complication that may arise when California couples -- that have a joint mortgage on their residence -- are considering divorce is converting it to an individual mortgage.

Two parents sentenced for child custody interference in March

It is naturally difficult for parents to have to give up custody of their children, and such action will not be taken by California courts if it is not in the best interests of the children. Family courts may consider alternative child custody arrangements for various reasons, which may include situations involving physical or emotional abuse, substance abuse or illegal activity. Cases of child custody interference and even abduction of children are not uncommon when parents are desperate to get their children back.

Anticipated issues can be addressed in a prenuptial agreement

California couples who are considering marriage may find that one of them is less proficient in the management of personal finances. What happens when a person with a high credit score marries one with a low credit score? This will naturally be a matter of concern for an individual who wants to ensure that his or her score is not adversely affected by that of a partner. It is best to address such concerns before marriage, as it is not uncommon for a divorce to follow financial disagreements. For some, a prenuptial agreement may be the answer.

Mother receives deferred sentence for child custody interference

California parents often find that it is not uncommon for emotions to overwhelm judgment and reason in matters concerning child custody. Sometimes child custody disagreements can lead to one parent not adhering to court-ordered custody arrangements, which can cause high levels of anxiety for the other parent, who will naturally be concerned about the safety of the children. Fortunately, the criminal justice system provides legal methods that can return the children to the custodial parent.

There are solutions to most child support issues

There are many single parents in California who are struggling to make ends meet and provide for their children because the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support. While such failure may have a direct impact on the well-being of a child, it causes unnecessary stress for a parent who may have to find means of earning extra money, thereby perhaps neglecting the child. However, parents facing such a situation may find comfort in knowing that a consultation with an experienced family law attorney may provide a remedy for any child support issue.

CPS claims home birth is not in the best interests of the child

While there is no doubt that Child Protection Services does positive work, some may doubt its good intentions in certain cases. California readers may be interested in a case in another state where a couple is fighting to get their children back after they were removed from their custody. While CPS argues that it always acts in the best interests of the child, this couple is trying to prove that this was not the case.

Father fighting for child custody after daughter allegedly abused

Even when child custody orders exist that prevent a parent from seeing his or her children, most California parents remain concerned about the safety and well-being of their children. For a father in another state, the threat to the safety of his daughter was such that he acted against child custody court orders and removed his children from the home of their mother. The children were ultimately returned, but this act of defiance may be the reason the court will now not allow him to see his children.

Divorce after 50 may require more guidance for property division

California couples who are considering divorce after many years of marriage may rightfully be concerned about making decisions that may be detrimental to their post-divorce financial situations. The number of divorces of those who are over 50 has doubled since 1990, making mid-life divorces more common, but still uncommon enough for many couples to remain unaware of special considerations needed for later-in-life divorces. Simply put, a divorce at that stage of life does not leave many years to rectify any financial errors made during property division negotiations.

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