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California residents who are considering divorce may realize that such steps justify careful consideration. Any decisions made during the property division process may impact their future financial stability. It is said that almost half of all marriages end in divorce, and an interesting fact is that the divorce rate for older people who are in second or third marriages has increased significantly. People over the age of 50 typically have more factors to consider as such divorces often involve children from previous marriages.

Traditional divorces involve no more than a legal representative for each spouse and a judge who makes the decisions about property division. However, times have changed, and each spouse can now retain the services of an experienced family law attorney who is knowledgeable in all aspects of divorce, such as collaborative divorce and mediation. Because divorcing spouses may have accumulated assets of substantial value, and the division of those assets may have significant tax implications, professional help may be needed.

A lawyer who focuses on divorce will likely have the resources to accommodate various aspects, which may include financial advisers who will guide divorcing parties through asset division negotiations. Mental health professionals can facilitate mediation and address all issues related to child custody and support. Litigation is avoided in many divorces because spouses can come to mutual agreements on all issues by utilizing the services of professionals.

Financial decisions that may have complicated ramifications include those that involve jointly owned property that may have ongoing maintenance expenses and retirement and pension plans that may offer tax shelters. There may be jointly owned or individually owned businesses that have to be divided, and the services of a business evaluator may be required. Alimony and its tax implications are also complicated aspects that may need professional guidance.

These are but some of the complex financial property division issues in a divorce and having to find the best professionals to provide assistance may be overwhelming. California residents who are considering divorce may find comfort knowing that they only need to consult with an experienced attorney who will lead them to the other professionals in the various fields. Couples who can resolve all issues prior to going to court for their final divorce decree may experience a minimum of the trauma commonly associated with divorces.

Source:, "Divorce and your finances", Tom Roberts, March 24, 2015

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