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April 2015 Archives

Prenuptials may help avoid problems in the future

As many California residents know, prenuptial agreements are becoming more popular. Couples are looking to such agreements as a way to manage details during the marriage and make a formal arrangement concerning how assets and debts will be handled in the event that they end up divorcing.

Stephanie March challenges prenup with Bobby Flay

California fans of TV chef Bobby Flay or of actress Stephanie March may have been following the couple's impending divorce in the news. They separated in March, and there have been rumors that Flay was unfaithful. The actress is currently living with her mother, who suffers from cancer, as well as recovering from recent surgery herself.

Modifying a child support order

Most California parents who are ordered to pay child support do their best to make their payments in a timely manner. However, financial circumstances can change, making it much more difficult to make the payments. In these cases, parents can potentially seek to have their obligations modified by the court, though there are certain steps that must be taken.

Preventing tax problems after divorce

For some California residents who have gone through a divorce, a former spouse may be shocked by receiving notice of a large back tax liability dating to their marriage after the divorce decree has been issues. Even if the tax debt arose due to their spouse's dishonesty on the return, the IRS may hold them liable anyway for the debt if they signed off on the filed joint tax return.

A look at dividing a couple's retirement accounts in a divorce

Sacramento residents who are looking for a divorce may be interested in some information about one important aspect of property division: retirement accounts. Dividing these particular assets requires a certain type of order from a court or other agency, which must contain certain information to be valid.

Child custody: Can the state take away an out-of-control child?

Most parents have experienced the tantrums of toddlers and the rebelliousness of teenagers. Now it appears that California children may be removed from the custody of their parents if it is found that the children are out of control. Many questions are being asked about parental rights in child custody after a ruling by the 2nd Court of Appeal.

Property division: Legal counsel during mediation is advisable

More and more California couples who are considering divorce are choosing to avoid the trauma and expense of litigation in favor of mediation. During this process, a neutral professional facilitates mediation between the two parties. Communication and compromise are encouraged while couples work toward reaching mutual agreements on matters such as property division, support, child custody and parenting plans. This may lead to a divorce where the interests of all parties are protected, and parents and children may move forward toward new lives in separate households.

Divorce with a good parenting plan is better than a bad marriage

Some California couples remain together for the sake of their children. While many people may believe that a divorce would jeopardize the happiness of their children, the reality may be that staying in an unhappy marriage may do so. It is true that child custody negotiations may be contentious and cause trauma for the whole family. Nevertheless, once all issues are resolved, and a parenting plan is in place, children often benefit significantly after settling into a life with two loving parents in separate homes.

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