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First same-sex divorce granted since gay marriage ruling

It's rather ironic that, in many ways, divorce was one of the major lynchpins that led to nationwide legalization of same-sex marriages. Many couples were married in states where their same-sex marriage was legal and moved to states where it wasn't. When they wanted to get a divorce, they were denied it because their state didn't recognize the marriage. However, as it turns out, many states cannot constitutionally deny a divorce. This led to a conundrum. By allowing a same-sex couple to divorce, the state would effectively be recognizing the marriage itself.

This perplexing situation first came to the nation's attention when a couple from New Hampshire tried to get a divorce in Texas. The couple met all the requirements for divorce in the state, but Texas did not recognize same-sex marriage and the case was in limbo since 2012, being granted and then denied after appeal several times. The case was all over the national headlines and brought the idea to the forefront, effectively underlining the absurdity of not allowing two people of the same gender to enjoy the beauty of marriage.

Thankfully, these ludicrous and frankly silly arguments have been put to rest thanks to the landmark decision by the Supreme Court last month to legalize same-sex marriage in the entire country. With it came relief for the couple that was a part of bringing the argument to the forefront. On June 29, they became the first couple to be granted a divorce since the ruling came down.

They were the first, but they won't be the last. And, while it may seem macabre to focus on divorce during a celebration of marriage, it's exactly the point: same-sex couples are now given the same rights as heterosexual couples, even when it comes to splitting. If you are considering a divorce, not matter your orientation, you may want to consider speaking with an attorney.

Source:, "Judge grants first same-sex divorce in El Paso," David Hernandez, July 7, 2015

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