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September 2015 Archives

Parent-teacher conferences in divorce

Our children's teachers see them almost as much as we do. Spending all day with them gives teachers an insight into their world that sometimes parents don't have. While it's usually grades, assignments and performance that are most discussed at a parent-teacher conference, sometimes other important aspects of our child's life are brought up too. For parents, remaining involved in your child's school life after divorce can be difficult if not on friendly terms with an ex. So how do you make it work? Well, there are a couple of different things you can do.

Sixth time's a charm for license

As states gradually get used to the same sex marriage laws established in June, there are still some individuals that refuse to stand behind the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling legalizing same sex marriage. A hot topic recently has been the denial of one couple's marriage license despite the nationwide ruling.

Developing a postnuptial

While you may have overlooked your need for a prenuptial agreement before your marriage, your financial situation may be different now making you wish you would have had one. Well, the good news is, it is not too late to protect your assets. Postnuptial agreements are increasing in popularity and just as effective as their prenuptial counterparts if done correctly.

Don't forget these important assets

If you are facing divorce and don't have children, chances are the most troublesome aspect in the proceedings has been the division of property. After all, you worked your whole adult life for what you have, letting go of it seems so wrong. Well, while some people are hung up with who gets what table, sofa or television, there is a whole realm of items being overlooked. Here are some commonly overlooked assets that should be considered during your divorce.

Dividing 401(k) when it's been borrowed against?

During a divorce when considering what is marital property, many couples look to the funds in retirement accounts as assets. Rightfully so, as the money accumulated in most 401(k)'s can be borrowed against and holds value for its duration. However, when couples jointly borrow against a retirement account and then get a divorce, it is often questioned who owes what. Well, it depends.

How important is temporary custody?

Often, as soon as two people decide they are getting a divorce, the heated arguments begin. Although some of them are over property, money and child support, few issues seem to carry the same emotion as child custody. Depending on the situation, custody that is not agreed upon, can be ordered during the divorce proceedings on a temporary basis. Although the word temporary, may mislead people into putting little importance on the order, it can have quite an impact on the outcome.

Can obesity be grounds for custody?

During custody battles, it is not uncommon for one parent to attack the other with all types of allegations and complaints. With most family courts in the nation basing custody on the best interests of the child, it is no wonder that opposite parenting styles are forced into question. So what happens when one parent is concerned about their child's obesity, and the other parent is blamed for it? According to a new study, the alarming number of parents OK with their child's obvious obesity may give their disapproving spouses grounds for rhetoric.

Dissolution of domestic partnership

Prior to the Supreme Court ruling that made same sex marriage legal and valid in all states, many same sex couples opted to enter into a domestic partnership. Although there are many similarities between domestic partnership and marriage, when considering dissolution or divorce they are unfortunately, not as similar.

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