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Sixth time's a charm for license

As states gradually get used to the same sex marriage laws established in June, there are still some individuals that refuse to stand behind the U.S. Supreme Court's Ruling legalizing same sex marriage. A hot topic recently has been the denial of one couple's marriage license despite the nationwide ruling.

A Kentucky couple can now move forward with their wedding plans after the clerk who refused to issue them a marriage license has been jailed. The two men received their license after visiting the same clerk's office on five different occasions requesting one. The clerk, a new founded yet avid Christian, denied them the license on all five occasions despite Supreme Court ruling making same sex marriage legal. The clerk told authorities that she did not issue the marriage license because it violated her Christian convictions. Supporters of the couple have gone after the clerk and her beliefs citing her own marriage record as unchristian, having been divorced three times. The clerk, now in jail for disobeying the law, has been given the option to be released and has refused it.

The issue of whether state employees should have to look past their personal beliefs to do the job they were hired for is now in question. According to the U.S. Supreme Court, any time a person enters into a position of government service, they inherently impose limitations on their own personal freedoms. Those opposed to same sex marriage argue that at no time should an employer ask you to do anything that goes against your personal beliefs. And, the fight goes on.

Although this situation is taking place on Kentucky soil, the battle between same sex marriage and Christian beliefs can be found nationwide. With the relatively new development of legal same sex marriage, there is likely to be all sorts of opposition. For individuals that feel their rights have been denied, speaking to a trusted attorney well versed in same sex marriage issues can help.

Source: CNN, "After Kim Davis is jailed, clerk's office issues marriage license to gay couple," Ed Payne, Sep. 4, 2015

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