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October 2015 Archives

When your soon-to-be ex refuses to communicate

It is not uncommon for a marriage to end as a result of a breakdown in communication. For whatever reason, many married couples find that they can no longer discuss things with each other without argument. While this issue can arise during a marriage, it may be even more prevalent during divorce, and for divorcing parents, putting anger aside to discuss the children may be impossible.

What if my name is still on the mortgage after divorce?

Many times in divorce when assets and property are divided, one spouse will get the home and the other spouse may get everything else. As part of a settlement agreement, the spouse that is awarded the home may be ordered to refinance it to remove their ex's name from the mortgage loan and title. While there is usually a time frame in which this refinance should take place, sometimes people fail to follow through. For the individual not living in the home, this may mean being the co-owner of a huge liability.

The benefits to a domestic partnership

For committed couples, the idea of happily ever after doesn't always include a marriage license. Some couples wish to share their lives with a partner without actually getting married. And for these people there is the legally recognized union of domestic partnership.

Does anyone actually win attorney fees?

Occasionally divorcing spouses are so entangled in their own anger with one another that they purposely rack up attorney fees with the idea that their soon to be ex will have to pay for them. Continuously going back to court, contesting simple decisions and filing motion after motion can really add up, and for someone just doing it in the hopes their spouse will pick up the tab, it might be wise to ask your attorney how often that actually happens.

Judge splits property not spouses

Some couples can go through a divorce amicably without battling over who gets what or who owes what. While this is not always the case, it does happen. Part of divorce is dividing assets and property between the two of you. Whether you have a lot or a little to divide, many spouses think that when you agree on it and assume ownership of it that it's yours. Well, it's not. Only the judge can assign ownership of property, and until they do, the property that you assume is yours actually still belongs to you and your spouse.

What is the POP program?

The California Child Support Services webpage offers information on a great program called POP or Paternity Opportunity Program. While the paternity of a child born to a married couple is assumed to belong to the husband, for children born outside of a marriage paternity must be established. With the POP program, California is making it easier than ever.

Child support increases with teen's data

If you are divorced and have been receiving child support from your ex, chances are you know how it works. Support is based on family court guidelines and is the same every month unless you modify it. For many parents, this may be just fine and completely manageable so long as their child's lifestyle also stays the same. However, as children grow up so do their likes and dislikes, and the child support amount that used to cover most everything may now barely dent your teen's expenses.

Who claims the children on taxes?

Filing taxes is confusing enough without worrying about how your new divorced status will change things. If you've always filed jointly with your spouse and have children, chances are you've not given a lot of thought to how this will change now that you are single filing alone. So who actually gets to claim children as dependents when the parents are divorced? Well there are three primary ways to figure it out.

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