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When your soon-to-be ex refuses to communicate

It is not uncommon for a marriage to end as a result of a breakdown in communication. For whatever reason, many married couples find that they can no longer discuss things with each other without argument. While this issue can arise during a marriage, it may be even more prevalent during divorce, and for divorcing parents, putting anger aside to discuss the children may be impossible.

Nothing has the power to rehash old arguments quite like divorce. And, if during your divorce your soon-to-be ex refuses to communicate with you about your children or simply can't communicate with you effectively, it may be time to speak to your attorney.

You don't have to be best friends with your ex, you don't even have to like them, but if you have children you do have to co-parent with them. Your divorce attorney may be able to request an order from the family court for you and your ex to sign up for an online communication tool such as Our Family Wizard. Not only is OFW monitored, it gives users certain protections against harassment and foul language that standard methods of communication do not. OFW is a safe, family friendly environment that allows all members of the family to communicate effectively and efficiently.

If you're in the midst of your divorce and already know that your ex would rather stay uninformed than speak with you about your children, you can ask that certain concerns are addressed in your divorce settlement. By leaving no issue unaddressed you can feel confident knowing the details of every parenting aspect are in writing and understood. By addressing all of your concerns, the burden can be taken off of you when it comes time to share the holidays or pay for school fees.

Communicating with your ex during or after your divorce is always difficult. If you are concerned that your ex is unwilling to communicate with you about important parenting issues, speaking with your divorce attorney can help.

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