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Avoid proposing before divorce is final

There are a lot of different reasons why people get divorced. Not surprising, some individuals simply feel that they have married the wrong person. This revelation, however, usually doesn't come on its own. Rather, it is the feeling that comes after a married individual meets someone they consider to be the right person. When this happens, divorce usually follows. And while the excitement and anticipation of beginning a new life with a soul mate may be almost unbearable, people should try to avoid getting engaged before the ink has dried on their divorce.

There isn't a law that says you can't fall in love with someone else while you are married. However, while it may not be against the law, it definitely can impact your divorce.

It is unlikely that your spouse feels as elated as you do about your new found happiness. That being said, scorned spouses may have more of a reason to contest and prolong divorce proceedings if they think their soon-to-be ex is on their way down the aisle. Likewise, it may be difficult for your new fiancé to plan a ceremony if you don't know when your divorce will be final.

In most states, including California, there is a six month period after your divorce when you are still considered something other than a single person. After the six months, you are officially in the eyes of the court, a single individual free to remarry. While you may be engaged during your divorce and the six months following, you should keep in mind that marital property laws exist. Prior to your divorce, if you use marital assets to purchase your new love a ring, your ex may be able to come after you to recoup the amount spent. Not only may it cost you the rings value twice over, but to your ex it may add insult to injury.

Finding your soul mate should not be complicated by your divorce, and your divorce will go much smoother without your soon-to-be ex's knowledge of your impending matrimony. Speaking to an attorney may help keep the process running smoothly and without incident.

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