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If child support is being misused

For many child support paying parents out there, writing that check or seeing that deduction on your pay stub can be a bitter pill to swallow. It is not uncommon for the paying parent to scrutinize how their payments are being spent. While you can't demand proof showing that your child support payments are going directly to your child, there are things that you can do if you believed the child support is being misused.

Child support is designed to equalize incomes between both households. The idea behind this method of calculation is to keep the lifestyle of the child relatively untouched from before the divorce. By keeping both households incomes and spending capabilities the same, the family court believes that the transition from one home to two will be easier for the child thus 'in their best interests.'

That being said, there is the obvious 'lottery lifestyle' that should be a red flag when the paying parent suspects their child support is being misused. If all things remained equal from the day you got divorced, there is reason to suspect something may not be quite right if one parent begins living an extravagant lifestyle. This may not always signify the misuse of child support payments, but it may warrant a look at the incomes of both parents. If a new job or raise is responsible for the new spending habits, the paying parent may be able to request a child support modification to more closely match the actual incomes of both parents.

If there is still a question of how your child support payments are being spent, you may want to consider speaking with your attorney. With their help, any issues you have can be addressed in an appropriate way that may prompt the family court to look into the matter.

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