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Watch what you put online during a custody battle

In today's world, it's no longer just teens that are social media butterflies. The new age of millennial parents has every late 20's and early 30's mom and dad, toting iPhones, Apple watches and tablets around, designed to pick up and stream every event in their families lives. During a divorce, when there are times either parent is left to entertain themselves, it may be easy to fill that space with even more social media. Whether divorcing parents post pictures of themselves having a great time with friends, or out on dates, their motive for doing so and the eventual outcome may be very different.

A strong social media presence has rapidly become the new way to climb the social ladder. In just one touch of the screen, anyone can see what you are up to. For some divorcing parents, posting pictures or changing their status may be a sure fire way to get their soon-to-be ex's attention. However, individuals seeking custody of their children should understand that their social media activity may get everyone else's attention too.

Divorces are not done overnight. They can be a long and exhausting process. In that time, especially for couples with children, either spouse may try to use any information available to bring a parent's character and ability into question. For those with a strong social media presence, finding material that may be seen as adverse or negative might not be very difficult.

Images or posts that show you out with friends on a night that you were supposed to be home with your children may not support your desire for custody. Likewise, images of you shopping or on vacation may not help the family court award you child support. As second nature as it is to update our social media, it may be potentially damaging to a divorce or custody case. Individuals concerned about how their social media presence may affect their divorce proceedings or how their soon-to-be ex's activity may affect their children, speaking to a trusted attorney can help.

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