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Custody of shooter's baby undecided

The recent story of the mass shooting in San Bernardino rocked the nation. Details of a husband and wife team that engaged in a shootout with officers at their workplace, killing co-workers shocked all who heard it. There were few details, however, as shocking as the fact that the couple had an infant child they left behind while they committed this terrible act. The child, a six-month-old girl who was left with family members on the day of the shooting, is now the subject of a custody case.

The infant, who was in the care of the family on the day of the shooting, has now been placed with San Bernardino County Child Protective Services until temporary custody can be decided. The infant's father; one of the shooters of last week's attack, has an older sister looking to adopt the baby. The shooter's sister is being represented by the Council on American-Islamic Relations in her plea for custody.

The CAIR is asking that the 6-month-old be put in the care of a Muslim foster family until other arrangements can be made or she can be reunited with family. It is unknown if the aunt seeking custody was one of the family members the infant was left with on the day of the shooting. According to authorities, the shooters left the infant with family when they said they had an appointment to go to. It was then that the little girl's parents drove to a care facility and opened fire on a holiday party, killing 14.

Due to the extremely volatile circumstances that surround this case, this custody issue may continue for quite some time. Regardless of the acts committed by the infant's parents, she is deserving of a stable environment. Hopefully, the family court can work with the aunt's attorney to place the child in a loving home.

Source: ABC news, "The Latest: No Immediate Decision on Shooters' Baby Custody," Dec. 7, 2015

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