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Postnuptial agreements may actually be good for your marriage

Money and financial struggle are very often an arguing point in many marriages. It is a common belief that money is one of the top reasons married couples argue and are unhappy. While prenuptial agreements are drafted and initiated prior to marriage as a way to alleviate any financial turmoil, many couples still do not use them. Fortunately, for couples that feel addressing financial uncertainties would help save their marriage, there is the postnuptial agreement.

For couples that started their relationship early, perhaps right after college, student debt may be a major arguing point. postnuptial agreements can help address the issue of debt by specifying what is considered individual debts and what is considered marital debt. This may include student loans, credit card debt, or personal loans taken out prior to the marriage. One way of relieving your spouse's worry may be by reassuring them that they will not be on the hook for your debt, as well as theirs if the marriage ends.

Nothing gets couples thinking more about assets and debt then periods of marital turmoil. When spouses feel their marriage is reaching a breaking point, they may want to distinguish what is and is not considered marital assets. While many may think that discussing this is like predicting divorce, it may actually be the opposite. Sitting down with your spouse and discussing finances, even if done under the assumption that the marriage is nearing its end, can help spouses feel better about their financial position and address issues that may have been plaguing the relationship.

If the common belief is true, and finances and money are one of the major arguing points during your marriage, then it may not be too late to address them. With the help of a divorce attorney skilled in the art of drafting an effective postnuptial agreement, it is possible to save a marriage. Addressing financial issues that otherwise went unspoken may help alleviate concern and relieve spouses of worry and wonder.

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