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Prenups offer benefits for those entering second marriages

Prenuptial agreements are gaining in popularity with newly engaged couples everywhere. While those that are marrying later in life usually have more assets to protect, the young professional world is more about planning ahead for every situation. While the reason for drafting a prenup seems to vary a bit from couple to couple, an expert in matrimonial legal matters offers couples some of the main reasons couples look to the protection of a prenuptial agreement.

According to the expert, prenuptial agreements are commonly used in second marriages as a way to prevent commingling assets from one relationship with the next. Sometimes divorced couples leave the marriage with multiple properties or part of a retirement plan. For these individuals, getting remarried may be wonderful but may warrant a bit more planning. With a prenuptial agreement, assets from your first marriage can stay separate from the second.

Debt and wealth disparities may exist that prompt couples to look into a prenuptial. Even though we may vow to share everything with our spouse, that doesn't mean we continue to do so after a divorce. Without a prenup, you may be on the hook for half of their debt while giving up half of your wealth.

People entering into a new marriage with children from a previous relationship may opt for a prenup. With an agreement in place, you can designate what gets left to your children and can outline a financial plan in the event of death. While a prenup doesn't take the place of a will, it is a useful addition to a firm estate plan.

If one spouse plans to stay home early in the marriage to raise children, a prenuptial can outline important financial information to provide for the non-working parent in the event of divorce.  Likewise, if one parent is the sole breadwinner, having a prenuptial agreement can help set guidelines for spending after divorce.

Whatever your reason is for considering a prenuptial agreement, having a well-drafted one can make all the difference in its validity and enforceability. A trusted and experienced attorney can help you create an effective prenuptial agreement.

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