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Quality over quantity when it comes to custody

For whatever reason, child custody is one of the most argued over aspects of a divorce. Whether a parent argues for sole custody or joint custody, it is common to have divorcing parents request more time than their soon-to-be ex despite not having a reason to. As common as this argument is, it is important for divorcing parents to understand that when it comes to their child's happiness, quality will usually matter more than quantity.

The family court awards custody by using the best interest model. What the family court views to be in a child's best interest will almost always dictate how custody is awarded. Generally speaking, it is in a child's best interest to maximize the time spent with either parent. Regardless of if the schedule has an equal number of overnights, weekends and holidays, the family court will attempt to will award custody fairly and with the intent of maximizing time.

For many divorcing parents, these custody arrangements are difficult to handle. A stay-at-home parent may not agree with suddenly having to share their once exclusive time. Likewise, a working parent may feel cheated out of time with their child because of their job. As difficult as these new schedules may be, the idea of maximizing time spent with your child should not be only considered in terms of the number of hours they are in your care. Maximizing the quality of the time spent with your child is equally, if not more important than maximizing the time spent with your child.

Divorce is extremely difficult for everyone involved, especially children. The sudden changes in surroundings, schedules and family dynamics can impact a child's overall happiness and mental and emotional well-being. To help make this adjustment a more seamless process, divorcing parents may want to leave the fight for time up to their attorney, while they work on maximizing the quality of time spent with their children.

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