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February 2016 Archives

Financial complications of same-sex divorce

Divorce can be devastating emotionally and mentally. For some couples, it can also be financially ruining. Just as marriage equality has spread across the nation, divorce equality has too, making these devastating impacts felt equally by same-sex spouses as they have for heterosexual spouses. However, for same-sex couples, the approach taken to financial decision-making in divorce may be complicated for contributions made before the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. 

VIDEO: How to protect your business during a divorce

Are you a business owner who is going through divorce or could go through divorce in the near future? One of the top concerns on your mind is probably how to best protect the business you have poured so much time, effort and resources into.

VIDEO: Experienced family law assistance without breaking the bank

One of the main things that sets the Law Offices of Victoria Linder apart from other family law firms is that we offer limited scope representation in family law cases. What that means is if you need help with one particular issue, we can help you on a limited-scope basis for a lower fee and retainer.

Plan for your future with a prenuptial agreement

Prenuptial agreements are no longer considered taboo or foreshadowing of divorce. What they are considered is proper planning and a useful tool for individuals entering into a marriage with assets they want to protect. Although nobody wants to consider divorce as the outcome of their marriage, the fact remains that almost half of all marriages end that way, and staying realistic about how this statistic may impact you in the future will only help you protect your assets in the event it does.

Work to include everything when calculating child support

Contrary to popular belief, child support is not just intended to cover the basics of daily living. In fact, many different aspects of raising a child and the expenses associated with their education and extra-curricular activities can be requested to be included when calculating child support. Working closely with your attorney may help you identify these key expenses and work to include them when making a request for support.

Can a prenuptial agreement save a marriage?

When it comes to prenuptial agreements and the support for or against them, it is pretty much an even split. Some people, particularly those that enter a relationship with substantial assets, may support the use of prenuptial agreements as protection for their financial wellness. Individuals that have experienced an unfavorable outcome as the result of a poorly drafted prenuptial agreement may feel quite differently about their effectiveness.

Don't be mistaken, child support isn't simple

Many divorcing parents go into the process thinking that aspects of child support and custody are easily determined. Unfortunately, this misconception leads many to make poor decisions or to settle for a family court's initial determination. Not only can child support be negotiated, working with an experienced attorney can help modify current support orders to include previously overlooked expenses.

How can I argue my case for custody?

Arguing for child custody can be quite a bit more difficult than it sounds. Very often, a parent's grounds for requesting custody are irrelevant in the eyes of the family court. The family courts have historically awarded child custody based on a "best interest" model. Fortunately, parents may also be able to use this model to support their case for child custody.

Avoid anger when dividing property

The process of divorce encompasses every emotion. For even the most amicable couples, aspects like property division may make the process take a bitter turn. For some, anger may impede the decision-making process and make divorcing spouses fight over things they otherwise would not care about. After all, if your property didn't make a happy marriage, chances are it won't make a happy divorce either.

Postnuptial agreements are valuable later in life

Unlike prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements are entered into at some point during a marriage. There is no rule as to who should have one or at what point they should get one, but certain situations may warrant a postnuptial agreement more than others. Individuals finding themselves in a second marriage later in life and concerned with their financial future may stand to benefit most from a postnuptial agreement.

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