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Child custody tied to child support

It should come as no surprise that, throughout the course of a divorce, few issues are as highly disputed as child custody. The very thought of sharing quality parent-child time with an ex can be maddening. Fortunately, by working with an experienced family law attorney, divorcing parents can maximize the time spent with their children.

When a family court determines child custody, it is typically based on the best interest of the child. For most family court judges this means dividing time between parents to maximize the time a child spends with each one. Unfortunately, for many parents, especially those required to pay child support, the issue of support is directly related to their push for joint custody.

Although child support is based on a percentage of the difference between incomes, it also is linked to the number of overnights a child spends with each parent. Joint custody with 50-50 placement is typically an agreement where half of all overnights are spent with one parent and half with the other parent. Generally speaking, this is the typical model for custody, placement and child support. However, different aspects of each case may cause a family court to deviate from this model.

Depending on the circumstances surrounding your case, you may have grounds to request sole custody, less than 50-50 placement and a substantially larger amount of child support. While working with an experienced family law attorney can help you reach these goals, it is important to understand that barring any real issues, going after quantity versus quality may not be the best idea. Despite what hurt feelings exist, it is always in a child's best interest to have both parents as actively involved in their upbringing as possible. By working with an attorney to develop a parenting plan, you may be able to better develop a parenting plan that meets your needs and lives up to the family court's expectations.

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