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Counseling may help your child make it through your divorce

Many divorces turn into ugly battles that impact every member of the family. Children feel every pinch and pull during this process, and when parents argue over custody, a child's pain and frustration may intensify significantly. Fortunately, there are several resources available to children of divorcing parents that may help them work through their emotions and learn to cope with this change.

Parents argue over custody for different reasons. Perhaps both parents feel that it is in their child's best interest to remain solely in their care. Maybe one parent is open to joint custody and the other parent is requesting weekend-only visitation. No matter what the circumstances surrounding the custody battle is, despite the parent's best efforts, their children do not stay shielded from these issues.

Even though the impact this negative process has on children is well understood, divorcing parents rarely seem open to cooperating with each other. And since the divorce process and all its frustrations are not likely to go away or change anytime soon, divorcing parents may want to make arrangements for their child to seek counseling. Family and adolescent counselors know and understand the impact of divorce. By working with a counselor, divorcing parents may be able to better prepare their child for the changes and frustrations they are about to face.

Family and adolescent counselors may practice out of a local hospital or clinic, or may even have an office within the school districts. Many times, even when there is not an adolescent counselor on-site, elementary schools offer programs for the children of divorcing parents to meet and discuss their concerns.

Divorcing parents may find it difficult to focus on their children's emotional needs at a time when they may be struggling to deal with their own. Custody issues can significantly intensify arguments between divorcing parents. By working closely with a family law attorney, divorcing parents may be able to better address their custody concerns and draft a parenting plan that is in everyone's best interest.

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