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How can I request a prenup without upsetting my partner?

Most couples are very aware and accepting of the fact that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. To protect their interests in the event of divorce, many choose to alleviate the stress felt during property division by having a prenuptial agreement in place. Even though we may all be aware of the potential for marriages to end badly, we normally don't want to think too much about it. It is for this reason that many couples still have trouble discussing prenups. Fortunately, discussing the possibility of an unhappy ending may actually help deliver a long, healthy marriage.

When one individual wants to draft a prenuptial agreement, it doesn't necessarily mean that their partner will be as accepting. Breaching the topic of a marital contract may be done best when approached as a suggestion rather than a demand. In many respects, a prenuptial agreement is kind of like insurance. It is there when you need it, even if you never intend on using it. By asking your future spouse to consider this type of protection, you can show them that you are open to their opinion and suggestions.

Discussing prenuptial agreements takes a great deal of honesty. Being upfront with your future spouse may show them that you are serious about your shared future and financial success. Prenuptial agreements offer protection to both spouses and can be used to lay out the groundwork for property, asset and debt division in the event of divorce. It can also serve as the foundation for an estate plan. Prenuptial agreements can address issues relating to children and a person's estate in the event one spouse passes away.

Discussing a prenuptial agreement is never an easy task. Understanding its abilities as well as its limitations may help you better present your case to your future spouse. If you or your future spouse is entering the marriage with substantial assets and property, you may want to protect them from division by meeting with an attorney and drafting a prenuptial agreement.

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