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Four ways to avoid summer custody disputes

Now that spring break is over, children across California are eagerly looking forward to summer. You may have big plans as a parent, too - perhaps you're mapping out a road trip, researching summer camps or just looking forward to more time with your kids. If you are divorced or separated, however, disputes over parenting time can derail even the best plans.

Fortunately, there are several ways to minimize arguments with your former spouse. Not only does this mean less stress for you, but it also makes things much easier on your children. Read on to learn how you and your ex can give them the harmonious summer they deserve. 

  1. Plan ahead - The best way to minimize arguing is to come up with a plan that works for you, your ex and your kids. Meet with your former partner well in advance to discuss what time you want to spend with the kids and develop a calendar that meets both of your needs. Once you have a plan in place, do everything possible to stick to it.
  2. Communicate - Whatever your plans, it is essential that you be proactive about communicating with your children's other parent. If you need to keep the kids past the terms of your normal parenting plan, failing to notify your ex could violate a court order. Nothing puts a damper on a family vacation like ending up in court.
  3. Mind your custody agreement - Your existing parenting plan may have limitations that prevent you from leaving the state with your children. If you have discussed your plans with your ex, it should be quite easy to have those terms changed to allow for travel.
  4. When in doubt, talk to a lawyer - Sometimes parents need expert help resolving their disagreements. Consider speaking with a neutral counselor or asking a family law attorney about your parental rights. With a little guidance, you and your ex can focus on having a fun summer without the pain of custody fights.

What are your family's plans for the summer? Have you and your ex talked about custody yet? Let us know in the comments, or share this post with a parent you know.

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