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Property division is about more than just stuff

Many divorcing spouses think that property division during divorce is simply about who gets the furniture, the car and the home. While it does have a great deal to do with typical household belongings, it has even more to do with each spouse's financial future. After all, marital property can be just about anything spouses have acquired throughout their marriage, even debt. Understanding how property division in divorce can impact your current and future financial health is just one of the many important aspects of divorce that an experienced attorney can help you with.

Certainly no one wants think about their marriage ending in divorce, yet half of them do. When divorce happens, spouses must make a great many emotional and financial decisions in a relatively short period of time. The gamut of emotions that divorcing spouses experience during these critical months can lead them to make quick and sometimes financially irresponsible decisions. With an experienced divorce attorney by their side, divorcing spouses can focus on their emotional health while their attorney focuses on their financial health.

During a long marriage, many spouses develop entire portfolios of valuable assets. Some divorcing spouses simply do not understand how much, if any, of these assets they are entitled to. Agreeing to a settlement simply to get the divorce done and over with, or unknowingly leaving behind important assets are two major mistakes that can be avoided by working with an attorney.

It is important for divorcing spouses to understand that property division during divorce is about more than just belongings. By working with an experienced attorney, divorcing spouses can draft a settlement that not only gets them their stuff but also protects their interest and financial future.

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