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May 2016 Archives

How much will I pay in child support?

In California, child support is determined after a court looks into the amount of money each parent makes and then takes into consideration the time each parent spends with or will spend with each child. The less time a parent physically is with the child, the more money the parent will likely have to pay.

Is a same-sex divorce different from heterosexual divorce?

The ending of a relationship is an incredibly difficult, emotional time for anyone. Nobody enters into a marriage expecting it to end in divorce. When it does happen, many issues need to be addressed. Similar to heterosexual partnerships, partners in a same-sex relationship also have specific obligations when ending their relationship. There are some differences, however.

The upside of a prenuptial agreement

Preparing to get married is a joyous, happy time for couples. During this period, the focus is on wedding preparation and celebrations of the union. Nobody wants to contemplate the marriage ending before it even begins. This is why prenuptial agreements can be a very sensitive topic between couples. However, if both people in the relationship fully understand the benefits of having a prenuptial agreement in place, the stigma associated with such an agreement can be easily overcome.

Under what circumstances is supervised visitation ordered?

In the state of California, like most other states, it is the family court's mission to protect the child's best interests in relation to custody and visitation matters. Occasionally, there are issues of a child's safety and protection that are brought to the family court's attention which prompt a judge to order supervised visitation between a child and parent. There are many reasons that a family court judge would order supervised visitation, and understanding these factors may help parents facing custody issues.

Voluntarily assumed paternity

As most of us know, establishing paternity means legally identifying a child's father. Regardless of how paternity is established, the results carry significant legal importance for the mother, the father and the child. Paternity can be recognized by either a voluntary assumption or involuntary assumption. If paternity is not being contested, there are several different ways paternity can be voluntarily established. Understanding the circumstances in which paternity is voluntarily assumed may help parents have a better understanding of their parental rights and obligations.

Healing shouldn't wait until after the divorce

Divorce is never easy, and for many men and women, facing divorce alone seems impossible. There are countless, heart-wrenching decisions that must be made immediately following a couple's decision to divorce. Important aspects like where to live, who gets the children and how to divide property usually forces divorcing spouses to put their healing on hold. Unfortunately, by doing so, divorcing spouses may find it even more difficult to successfully make it through the dissolution of their marriage.

6 ways your spouse may be hiding assets in divorce

If your spouse hides or undervalues assets, it may drastically affect your settlement. Know how to protect yourself. 

It is difficult to accept that someone you once loved may be dishonest in order to get a better divorce settlement. Unfortunately, it happens more often than many people realize. As divorce attorneys, we have represented countless people whose spouses tried to stack the deck in property division by hiding or undervaluing certain property.

Protect what you have earned

For most couples, sharing everything during marriage is pretty normal. Unfortunately, during a divorce, shared property must be split up. Property division during a divorce can be an extremely complicated and frustrating experience, and the more couples shared during marriage, the worse it can be. That is why marital property division has many divorcing spouses throwing their hands in the air and giving up. Fortunately for them, working with an experienced divorce attorney can help protect what they have earned and get what they deserve during divorce.

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