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Under what circumstances is supervised visitation ordered?

In the state of California, like most other states, it is the family court's mission to protect the child's best interests in relation to custody and visitation matters. Occasionally, there are issues of a child's safety and protection that are brought to the family court's attention which prompt a judge to order supervised visitation between a child and parent. There are many reasons that a family court judge would order supervised visitation, and understanding these factors may help parents facing custody issues.

Typically, a family court judge will order supervised visitation for a certain period of time when a visiting parent and their child have not shared an existing relationship. This would be the case if a parent and child were forced to be apart for a long period of time, such as if a parent were incarcerated. These supervised visits are meant to give parents a chance to reconnect with their child, build a relationship and address questions or concerns their child may have for them. Essentially, supervised visitation, for this reason, gives a child a chance to ease into reconnecting with their parents.

Understandably, if the family court is concerned with allegations of domestic abuse, neglect, drug use or mental illness, they may also order supervised visitation for a certain period of time. Not only will these supervised visits be documented, but they also provide peace of mind for anxious custodial parents while allowing room for noncustodial parents to build a parent-child relationship.

The purpose of ordering supervised visitation is to allow parents time with their children while adhering to the public policy of keeping the children protected. When supervised visitation is ordered by the family court, they will specify within the order, the duration of the visits, the time and day they will take place, and the location the visits are to be held. Although supervised visitation is typically only ordered under certain circumstances, parents may wish to speak with an experienced attorney about their case and if this type of visitation is appropriate.

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