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June 2016 Archives

What happens if my ex falls behind on support?

When you are newly divorced and you have been granted sole custody or primary custody of your children, you may feel that you are in over your head with the extracurricular costs, everyday budget concerns and medical expenses. This is especially true when your bills have remained comparatively similar to those you incurred while married. This is why child support is so necessary; the cost of putting a roof over your child's head isn't cut in half just because your income may be.

Do parents determine custody or does the court?

If you are in the planning stages of divorce, your primary concern is likely to be your children. You may wonder who will determine custody. The answer is that the process you choose ultimately dictates who will define custody arrangements. Keep in mind that choice will naturally include you and your spouse in reaching a decision.

The careful art and benefit of a prenup

Sticking with a budget is a lot like sticking with a diet. The rewards can be great but getting there requires perseverance through plateaus, dedication through temptation and sometimes, getting through some awkward conversations. The same could be said for crafting a prenup.

Same-sex parenting comparisons

It seems the nation is coming around and getting tougher on discrimination and is now more accepting of diversity in all aspects of life, love and the general pursuit of happiness. Using statistics focused on LGBT couples and pulled from data more than a half-decade ago, we evidenced trends when comparing married versus nonmarried same-sex couples as well as trends comparing same-sex couples and different-sex couples. It will be interesting to find if anything has altered these trends or if the data continued on with strengthening numbers in all respective areas.

Can I stay out of court while divorcing?

If you are going through a divorce or even in the early stages of considering one, you likely are experiencing an array of disconcerting emotions. You may have great apprehension about submitting your personal life, your financial life and your children's lives before the eyes of a court and judge and allowing them to issue orders from there.

Can the state my ex moved to modify child support?

If you have a child support order from the state in which you and your child reside and the other parent moves out of state, can the other state negate, reduce or further modify the order? It's a relevant question and these types of worries can only be eased by knowledge.

How a postnuptial agreement can surpass counseling

One of the most common trip-ups that marriages struggle with and that ultimately can be the final straw is the topic of finances. While a marriage is built on love, more often than not, it's money that tears it apart. If you didn't have a prenuptial agreement in place prior to  marriage, then you may have the ideal opening now to come in with a postnuptial agreement.

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