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January 2017 Archives

Property division: Changing viewpoints concerning pet "custody"

Deciding to divorce may be just the beginning of a long, emotional process. Besides determining the best child custody arrangement when minor children are involved, property division issues must also be addressed. Each state has its own laws regarding how a couple's assets and belongings will be divided, and California is no exception. However one state has just made a significant change in it's divorce guidelines.

Wife of founder of cancer hospitals in contested divorce

The marriage between Richard Stephenson and his wife Alicia may have seemed like the stuff of fairy tales as they appeared to enjoy the good life and all that money has to offer. However, money can't buy happiness, and now the two parties are in the midst of a contested divorce that has spanned seven years. California residents may not be familiar with these names, but they likely have heard of his work, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

Woman reminisces about adoption journey over holidays

There may be many reasons why a mother may determine that she is unable to provide the best home for a new baby. Arriving at the decision to place a child for adoption may be one of the most emotional decisions a birth mother will ever make. However, giving a child the opportunity to be successful is indeed admirable. There are thousands of families in California who have opened their homes and hearts to a child through adoption.

Will January 2017 go down as another 'Divorce Month?'

At this time of the year, people throughout California and across the nation are doing their best to honor their resolutions for 2017. To be certain, many are currently trying to shed a few pounds, quit smoking, arrange their finances or even find a new job.

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